In our everyday life, we use to listen some small stories about what are happening around us. Some of them are real but few of them are being spread from mouth to mouth. These mouth to mouth stories are often bares misconception and falsehood and myth.  These misconceptions and myths do not provide actual facts about the subject or story. So it is important for your kid to know about these common myths to know the real facts.

Eight Glasses of Water Daily

It is thought that, everyone needs eight glasses of water a day. But it is not essential. It depends on height, weight, activity level, heat, clothing and humidity. Plus we can get water from food too!

Chewing gum needs years to digest.

Absolutely wrong! It does not need years to digest. The truth is, instead of being indigestible; Chewing gum passes through the immune system like other foods in the same rate. So, no need to be worry if you swallow the gum!

Burning Hot Meteorites

There is a misconception about meteorites. If we close our eyes and think about it we see a picture of a fireball moving in the sky. But the truth is when they come to the Earth’s surface it is more often cold and dry. In fact, even meteorites are discovered with frost on them. As they enter the atmosphere, they start becoming cold.

Salt helps Water to boil quickly

It is one of the most common myths about boiling water. Salt does not helps water to boil quickly. Surprisingly it does the opposite. Salt prolongs the time of boiling. Because of boiling point elevation make it long to boil water if you mix salt in it.

Great Wall of China is visible from space.

The Great Wall of China is claimed as the only human made thing which is visible from the space. Oh! What a misconception it is! It is not true in reality. What can be seen from moon is the lightning sparks of midnight cities.

The Sun is Yellow.

Most of the people think that the color of sun is yellow. But the truth is when the sun is seen from the space or high in the sky, the color of sun is white. Actually the sun ray becomes yellow, orange or magenta due to atmospheric scattering and we see a yellow sun!

Lightening’s double strike

There is a common idea in the mass people that lightening does not strike twice in a same place. It is one of the most popular myths about the lightening. But the reality is, in New York, the Empire State building caught lightening 100 times in a year.

Clouds are light weight

Regarding their appearance, clouds seems so light in weight.  In spite of their look, they are made of water. The average cumulus cloud weighs about 1 million pounds, while a big storm cloud can exceed 2 billion pounds.

Columbus invented America

We all know that Columbus discovered America. But the real truth is Columbus never reached the main land of Great America. He reached the Caribbean beaches.

Einstein Flunked Math

There is a common tale among the people around the world that Einstein failed in math. NO! He did not failed in math, Einstein himself said, I had mastered in differential and integral calculus before I was fifteen.

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