Most of the parents have experienced that having a child puts a lot of stress on even the best of relationships, with having anxiety, frustration. Some of them are unable to grasp the negative outcome like tensions have on their babies, and their skill to ideally parent their child. So parental relationship is one of the most important factor for child development.

Early words:

Most of the writings about parenting mainly focus on how should one parent relate or behave with their child, and a very few is said how the parental relationship effects the child’s nature and behavior development. However, it is very important for the parents to know that why the relation between father and mother should be a top priority for the better development of their child.

Kids notice everything about their parents:

We all know that when a baby is born, he is completely open and absolutely undefended. It takes a few years to shape their emotional stability and they keep growing within a fence which protects them to interact with serious emotional impact. Being utterly open, infant and young kids notice and pick up on what is happening around them intensely and actively. In primary age, they do not feel their own motion dearly rather than they feel their parent’s and sibling’s emotion more significantly. They always notice the home vibe and it is hard to hide what is going on between the parents’.

They ways how babies get affected:

Babies just not only take up on, but are also highly affected and attached to what is happening between the father and mother, in both direct and indirect ways. Parental relationship benefits in two ways.

Positive notes:

A nice and positive relationship between father and mother can affect their kid in two ways:

  1. Direct Impact
  2. Indirect Impact 

Direct impact:

On a positive note; a friendly, mannerly and faithful parental relationship directly influences the child by creating a safe and secure environment in the home where the child can discover itself as a human being. Though there are no powerful means than mother-child bond for child’s mental and physical development, the parental effects are also an important impact on child development. The quality and quantity in which the father and mother are caring and respectful with one another configure both the child’s world and developing sense. It also creates the child’s sense of security, safety, and identity. A good parental relationship between parents’ also provides an ideal model for child’s further relationship, by giving the basic design for the child’s personal picture of proximity, compassion, intimacy, controversy, and respect between sexes.
Indirect Impact:

Indirectly, a nice parental relationship  aids their child by acting cooperatively with and upon the mom-kid and father-kid relationships. That is, when there is a healthy parental relationship between a father and a mother, they both know the basic human courtesy and aware of the goods and bad. Which results a beautiful relationship between the child and its father and mother individually. Thus the entire family keeps maintaining a good environment for the child and for the parents too.

Negative notes:

As like positive notes, Negative relationship between father and mother can affect children in two ways.

  1. Direct Impact
  2. Indirect Impact

Direct impact:

On the other hand, when parents do not get along, it reflects negatively on their child’s mental and physical growth, both directly and indirectly. Direct effects incorporate with child’s copying of impaired and unsocial parental behavior, inability to cope up with social manners and features. For example, children who belong to a broken family are more likely to be depressed, frustrated and emotionally indifferent. Since they grew up in an awful environment, they generally lakes behind to lead a happy and beautiful childhood; which is directly affecting child’s mental growth. Some of them end up being attached to crime and terrorism and many other anti-social behaviors.

Indirect Impact:

Spousal conflicts have an indirect effect on children through father-child and mother-child relationships. Constant and frequent marital discord and anxiety commonly waken the quality of parenting, having a limited emotional connection, decreasing their awareness to shape child’s disciplinary behaviors properly and effectively. It is proven by research that, parents in high-clash marriage are more likely to have less empathy towards their children. They are also more aggressive in discipline and takes harsh decisions about family panning compared to the low-clash marriages. The family functioning mechanism does not work where there is a vulnerable parental relationship.

Reasons behind parental conflicts:
However, it is obvious that a good and loving parental relationship is totally beneficial for their child and family, then why do so many couples find it too hard to have one? In the extreme pressure of earning livelihood and parenting, one could get easily frustrated when the person finds that his/her basic needs are not being met, thus one or both of the parents may become indifferent and frustrated about their family and child for a while. Nevertheless, the result turns into an alarming situation when these frustrations reach beyond control. Partners also start blaming each other for how difficult parenting is and day by day it creates a disrespectful bond, causing harm to child’s growth.


Eventually, it can be said that there is no other option which can be compared to a healthy parental relationship between father and mother for mapping child’s proper development and being good guardian

বাংলাদেশের প্রথম এবং একমাত্র সায়েন্স কিট অন্যরকম বিজ্ঞানবাক্স আপনার সন্তানের অবসর সময় সুন্দর করবে, এবং তার মেধা বিকাশে সাহায্য করবে। বিস্তারিত জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

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