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Activities and Projects + Manual Book + Storybook+ BigganBaksho App+ Experiments according to textbooks of class 4 to 10  

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Activity and project+Manual Book+ Storybook+Bigganbaksho App 

Total 200+  experiments in 6 boxes!

Self-contained science package for kids – 200+ science experiments in 6  boxes on various topics of sound, like light, magnet, electricity, chemistry, sound, etc.

 Laboratory experience at home – Your child will get laboratory experience at home with various chemicals, electronic equipment, meters, batteries, motors, etc.

Project Ideas– Apart from doing various experiments, these boxes will also provide project ideas, which can be used to participate in various science fairs.

What’s more

App – The app has easy-to-understand video tutorials for each experiment created by BUET’s engineers.

Manual Book – Illustrations and descriptions of each experiment.

Storybook-    60-page storybook which will teach science through stories along with moral values.

Experiments according to  Textbooks

Each experiment in the six science boxes is taken from the different chapters of the Textbooks of different classes. Among these,

2 Experiments are from – Class 4, 20+ experiments are from  Class 5, 15+ experiments are from – Class 6, 21+ experiments are from – Class 7, 20+ experiments are from-Class 8 and 40+ experiments are from Class 9 and 10


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