In early age we teach kids how to read and hope they will want to read automatically when they get older. Reading for pleasure benefits in building vocabulary, sharpens memory developing writing and spelling skill, improving grammar and test score too!  But a research brief on Children, Teens, and Reading, reading for fun drops down intensely as kids are about to finish primary school. So it’s vital to treasure ways to inspire and shape our primary school kid’s reading habit.

Let them to choose their books:


If they get chance to read the books of their own choice, this will motivate them to read more. Do not criticize of their choice and interest. They may choose book, e-book, graphic novel or whatever, just let them read. You can take them to library, where they will be able to choose a wide range of books.

Get them books about their interest:

Your kid may have different interests, such as- football, movie, gardening, science, aliens, dragons; space, astronomy or whatever, there is books on these subjects. For feeding their interest by books, first you have to know their interest and get them those books. Your job is done by half!

Make reading social:

Reading should not be a personal habit; moreover reading can be a great tool for making your kid social. Let them to Read the newest hit book, having your kid be a part of what “everybody” is talking about. A lot of friendships have been shaped over a love of Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Check the bestseller lists of child books; clue your kid into those books. You can ask their librarian and booksellers about they need to read.

Mix movies and books:

Many books are written for kids and adapted into the movie like- Harry potter series, Lord of the rings series, Disney movies and so on. Let them watch these movies after of before reading the book. They will be able to relate each other and this can develop reading habit and capability. This strategy will make them interested in more books which are adapted into movies.

Continue the series:

You can give them a book which written in a series. If your child likes the first one, get them the next one of that series. This is way, how a kid can get hooked on a series of books. And hook on a book will lead him to be hooked on an author. In a result your young stars will read more books when they can get attached into a series book. Ultimately their reading habit and interest in books both will increase.

Make time for reading:

All the strategies above will not be useful if there is no time for reading. Try maintaining a reading hour for your child when all the devices and smartphones should be kept away. There should not be any disturbing thing which can break the concentration.


The more your kids get into a book, his interest in that book and for many other books will increase. Your primary school kid’s reading habit can be raise by your proper care and monitoring under a good friendly relationship.

বাংলাদেশের প্রথম এবং একমাত্র সায়েন্স কিট অন্যরকম বিজ্ঞানবাক্স আপনার সন্তানের অবসর সময় সুন্দর করবে, এবং তার মেধা বিকাশে সাহায্য করবে। বিস্তারিত জানতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

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