Fun with Measurement

Activities and Projects + Manual Card + BigganBaksho App+Experiments from textbooks of class 7 to 10.  

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Total activities- 50+

Second Lesson of Electrical Engineering 

After learning the basics through the “Amazing Electricity” science box, some advanced experiments of electrical and electronic engineering can be done by this box. 

Everything can be measured! 

There is a meter in this box. And it can measure current, voltage, and resistance. It can also show the effect of light and temperature on current and many more activities can be done!

Your very own home electronic wizard!

Is the remote control of the TV in good condition? Is the circuit in series or parallel? Your future engineer will take care of these things from now. 


What’s more

App – The app has easy-to-understand video tutorials for each experiment created by BUET’s engineers.

Manual Card – There are separate cards for each activity, which are illustrated with cartoons and told through stories.

Experiments according to  Textbooks

Each experiment in “Fun with Measurement”  are taken from different chapters of the Textbooks of different classes. 

Among these, 2 experiments are from – Class 7, 3 experiments are from – Class 8, and 10 experiments are from- Class 9 and 10.  

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